Wow! Thanks to our sponsors’ very generous support, we have fulfilled our commitment to provide free education to all students in need of sponsors this year!

This means over 200 children from families who just cannot afford to send their children to Siddhartha School on their own are now receiving a high-quality education.

Feed A Young Mind

You can still make a difference in an underprivileged child’s life at Siddhartha School by donating to our school’s hot meal program today.

With your help, we can provide nutritious, hot meals to the students in our youth hostel, so their bodies are strong and minds are always ready to learn.

These students are primarily from far-flung areas of Ladakh who need housing at our school. Some are orphaned, and some are from families who stay in their villages because they cannot care for their children and stay employed at the low-level labor jobs they find far from home.

Your gift of $40 a month ($480 for the year), will sponsor a child with three nutritious, hot meals, giving them a healthy start to their school day. Help us nurture young minds with nutritious, hot meals. Thank you!

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