About Siddhartha School Project

Khen Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan, a Tibetan Buddhist monk and educator, founded the Siddhartha School in 1995 in his remote home village of Stok, Ladakh. What started in a one-room shed is now an exemplary private school with over 300 students in grades K through 10.

Why is the project important?

Watch this video featuring Sonam Angmo, a recent graduate of Siddhartha School.

How To Help Siddhartha School Project


As a sponsor, you’ll make a real difference in the life of one child at the Siddhartha School.

Buy A Book

Enjoy this beautiful retelling of a beloved Buddhist story about a compassionate deer who saves a drowning man, which has inspired readers for more than 2000 years. Forward by Khen Rinpoche. All proceeds benefit Siddhartha School.


We are accepting applications for stateside help at the US office.


MEET Our Founder

Listen to a message of thanks from Khen Rinpoche, the school’s founder to supporters.

EMPOWER local heroes

Hear first hand from the people who help make Siddartha School proud.

FUND high impact projects

Listen to the school’s librarian speak about the new library and the big difference it has made in the educational life of students.

CHANGE lives

Meet a Ladakhi parent and learn much she loves sending her children to the Siddhartha School.

LEARN with the children

Siddhartha School Math teacher shares with us a bit of his math class and approach to teaching.

CONNECT through Sponsorship

Listen to SSP’s sponsorship coordinator talk about her role and steadfast commitment to sharing news about the children with US sponsors.

Our Mission

The Siddhartha School’s mission is to give the children of Ladakh, India, access to a rich, thoroughly modern education that is in harmony with their Himalayan heritage and their cultural traditions.

Our vision

The sole purpose of the Siddhartha School Project is to support the school’s mission and vision to become self-sustainable and accessible for all Ladakhi children, regardless of their economic means.

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